The first part of a business consultancy: the diagnosis

Do you need to transform your organization and have questions on how to approach it? We will speak about the business diagnosis.

We’re not going to fool you. Taking the plunge provokes vertigo and no one has advanced without feeling that their world is moving.

We know it.

Do you know what is one of the keys to transforming successfully? It’s so important to know where you want to go as you know from where.

It’s so important to know where you want to go as you know from where.

In our experience, the knowledge of the real starting point, allows you to get the correct roadmap to reach where you want.

That is why we have created for you a specific diagnostic tool. We call it the Black Box, because we focus on aspects which we may not be very aware that there are and instead have a key impact on the achievement of the strategy of your company, your area of management.

How can we help you at first?

All consultancies have one way or another to make a diagnosis of the current situation, for their proposal of value in the resolution of the problem.

We are not consultants, but we are starting from a management experience in companies of very different characteristics. We have experienced difficulties and opportunities in the face of a particular challenge. And we also know what we have missed internally and externally in order to implement our objectives, in order to implement the part of the strategy in the company that we are helping.

That is why we have created this unique diagnostic tool, based on 7 detailed indexes that you will have in on our BLOG with all the information you need.

In these indexes we always reflect your real point of departure, and where you should be in that index, in order to achieve the strategy, you want. We measure the “distance” to go through, and we help you to shape the roadmap to where you need it.

In short, we tell you the 7 aspects that we analyze in depth when we diagnose companies

7 aspects that we analyze in depth when we diagnose companies

  • Identity– Founding Myth – Leadership style: From the purpose of the company, its identity, and its way of doing, we measure the disposition to change.

  • Recent History-Business context: A look back to know how the challenges have been experienced to date, we measure the resilience of the Organization, that is to say how the company has adapted during its trajectory.

  • Business Challenges-Strategy raised: a look to the future, and how this future is expressed, we measure the commitment.

  • Governance structure – Organizational dimensions: We look at the formal and the real structure, and we measure the cohesion inter-teams.

  • Financial Ratios: We observe the recent results, and measure what is behind, through a traffic lights system, to the level of depth that we agree

  • Process Maturity – Technology: We look at the level of operational maturity of the Organization, at the level of depth that we agree.

  • Digital Maturity – Innovation: we look at the real capacity of learning of the company, that is what we believe that really supports the innovation, to the level of depth that we agree.

If you want us to share with you some particular aspect focused on your environment, do not hesitate to request!

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