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What do the participants who have been trained say about the training?

“I have gained awareness about aspects that had drawn me back as a leader. I have acquired tools to deal with conflicting situations and I see them as opportunities to bring change”

Carles Gros, CEO at Delivering Happiness at School.

“I am taking with me many moments of deep thinking and the integration of new concepts.. I realized the importance of communication and how to improve it”

Jordi Delcor, Sower at Delivering Happiness at School.

“My experience in this course has been more impacting than what I have expected. I have learnt to look at relationships in a different and a deeper way. I definitely understand differences much better”

Chema Montorio, Facilitator, Trainer, Negotiator.

“It took me a while, but after the third session I realized how this course has changed me. The game with roles, the practice integrating the one that disturbs. It all has been very powerful”

Josep Mª Rulló, IT Manager at Constructora de Calaf.

“It helps you a lot to be aware, that, in a society, not only are you, but you are part of a system, and you have to understand how it works. With this course, you learn to discover what your leadership is, to understand that each one has its own way of leading, with positions that are all very lawful, and you have to know what position you have based on this leadership”

Marta Planas
“Be aware of certain situations, know myself more, and make everything go much more fluid”
Pau BajueloPau Bajuelo
“A very powerful awareness of the capabilities and resources that each of us have in order to manage the leadership of our own lives in all the roles we play at different times of the day. We have also seen how systems behave and understand our role within a system and how relationships can be structured in a positive way with others”
Karina GibertKarina Gibert, Full Professor at UPC
“It’s amazing how many tools you discover about people management, both to apply them to yourself and others. It has helped me to realize how I am, of all that I am … and to be able to relate more with people”
Ferrán LópezFerran Pérez, Student at ENTI - Higher degree of Videogames


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