Training in the use of power

From 4 to 6 October, a specialized course in the study of power will take place in Barcelona with the participation of Julie Diamond

From In Movement! We are happy to announce that in less than a month we will have one of the most complete training on the use of power by leaders. It will be deepened in how to be aware of the power we have, how we use it and what impact it has on our personal and professional world.

In addition to the depth with which this new area of research is addressed in organizations, Julie Diamond, the creator of this methodology, has developed a leadership – 360 Feedback tool, which enhances leaders’ effectiveness by helping them understand the impact of their power—personal (through individual traits and abilities) as well as positional (their functional role). This tool helps to achieve better results, manage teams, and develop his/her influence.

The use of power has been linked and misused in our society since time immemorial.

The certification of this tool is endorsed by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

For the first time in Spain, specifically in Barcelona, the opportunity to participate in the Seminar and Certification led by Julie Diamond of an innovative and leading methodology is offered.

Julie is an executive coach, leadership consultant, and one of the founders of Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work) and author of Power: A User ‘s Guide. Julie’s experience is in the field of leadership, specifically in the role of power (personal and positional), in effective leadership, and in “healthy” work cultures.

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