Power Intelligence® and the Diamond Power Index® [BARCELONA, 4-6 OCT]

The workshop last weekend was a success. We were all full of curiosity to delve into how to manage the power that is present in all interactions especially those that are framed within the organization.

Julie Diamond showed us one of the definitions of power that she considers most appropriate and that she concretizes as the ability to alter another person’s condition or mental state by providing or dabbling resources such as food, money, and affection-or administering such punishments as physical, psychological, dismissal at work or social ostracism (Keshner UC Berkeley)

The power can be both relational and contextual, that is, it depends on each situation and has different representations. It manifests itself as guilt, control, implicit threats and is a currency that is defined in each context. Power corrupts as it not only changes who exercises it but the people around it.

The key to Intelligence in the use of Power Intelligence® power is knowing how to develop a great knowledge and expand the base of your different powers, in not losing focus on why power is used in the given context and be aware of not falling in the trap of feeling deprived of our power.

Power is generated from a base, just like the athletic base of any athlete. If this base is broad, if we have been aware of all the power we inherit and the power we develop, we will have all the resources to manage the power that comes to us externally, from a constructive perspective and avoiding the trauma generated by a misused power or abusive.

We also study the impact of the conscious and unconscious use of the power we have and the power we use, because if we are not aware of the power we have, we can not use it.

A good use of our power gives us 7 ways to impact our leadership. Using the 360 Power Index® we obtain the results of what our levels are in each of these pathways and how to evolve them.

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