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The GCI intensive training in Spain
In collaboration with

Iniciativa de In Movement
Iniciativa de In Movement

We continuous doing GCI training in Spain and collaborate on online courses.

The GLOBAL COACHING INSTITUTE is the prestigious Australian school that has developed a unique and 100% practical method of developing teams and people. Professionals in the corporate world are being trained in these tools.

The GCI training in Spain is aimed at all those professionals who work with people who need their help. If you are a coach, leader, human resources professional or Change Management and your job is to help others get their full potential, we welcome you. These tools will give you the most effective way to solve problems without you being exhausted, since we know that working with the human factor is very exhausting. If you don’t want to lose all your energies, learn to manage your own resources.

If you want to know how the course is in a class room model, click on this link to explore last edition, but if you still want to know all the benefits that can contribute to you, read on…

What are you going to get with this program?

GCI 101 (Level 1) – The E1ME2RGE3 Model™ of Coaching

You will learn a new, unique model of advanced Coaching, depth psychology and systemic thinking. This module will broaden your awareness and develop the necessary skills to obtain convincing visions, cultivate face-to-face coaching delve into the powerful questions of coaching.


GCI 103 (Level 3) – Coaching Untapped Potential

Here you will develop and achieve acuity, meta-skills, and precision in advanced levels of training to unlock the unique growth trajectories of your clients, your team. You will work with the dynamics of the limit that slows down flexibility and ingenuity.

GCI 102 (Level 2) – The GCI Coaching Roadmap™

In addition to learning this dynamic framework to understand personal needs, organizational change, will be presented with cutting-edge concepts in human development and systemic thinking. The result is a strong theoretical understanding and organizational Coaching that is in deep transformation.


Do you have questions about the different courses?

Ask us! Our partner Judit Miret answers your questions and the best way to approach training for you. From In Movement! We are accompanying the online sessions for Europe, and we will also tell you how they work, their dynamics and the associated work model.

Do you dare to change in a few days your change management and leadership tools?

Learn how to create and manage your own Coaching tools in 5 days with GCI101 and GCI102

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Enrollment in four-step training

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For your information, there are cancellation policies on all courses.

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The GCI training in Europe

Is an unique program that tells you precisely and step by step the process to follow in addition to giving you all the necessary resources to work and influence people positively.

But wait… how do I know if this is really for me? If you are

The market is constantly evolving and changing. Humanity as well. What worked 20 years ago now no longer, even 5 years ago. Managing change is the pending task. Our trainers are expert people in developing change management techniques and working with high performance companies. But do you know what’s most neglected in an organizational change? People, the human factor, and that’s where the key to any business transformation is.

As we have said, this training is more than a title. You know that there are countless courses on the net and that given the saturation in the world of coaching is complicated to highlight and you decide on one. That’s why our training goes beyond a title, so we emphasize the depth of the course content.

Do not worry. Our certification is endorsed by the ICF and that will allow you to prove yourself as a coach. Now you can start working with great teams and people and help them in the management of change.

How is the training done? What can I get from it?

We focus on your own unique path of learning. Through the E1ME2RGE3 Model™ you will discover other ways to approach problems and solve them, making your team grow.

It is based on deep psychology that creates deep change at the individual and system level. It’s based on process psychology.

We focus on developing advanced personal coaching skills and Exchange system theory. We take into account the context VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) of organizations, systems and individuals, in which you are going to immerse in your coach processes.

We apply the experiential method in very different approaches and work with real situations, in such a way that we develop the skills through the practice.


We do not want to sell the bike, we will not tell you that in 5 intensive days you will get the world moves with the clicks of your fingers. No. It is more, do not trust of all those who say that transformations come to be done so quickly. The fast path does not exist, and if exists let them to come and tell us. But so far, the word success, has only gone before work in the dictionary. In life it works backwards.

This is not a course that’s going to get you out of trouble. This training will shake your head and you will see changes in another way. Forget about the preconceived ideas, the prejudices, the resistance to change and the obsolete view of seeing it all as a problem.

We will help you to discover the most effective method. Your goal in life is made up of two parts; This is a maxim.

Think: Why do you want to get that?

Ask yourself: Why do you want to get it for?

It is difficult to convince someone who is not sure that our training is a very powerful tool to work with people. Anyway, we have opened a space of “prayers and questions” in our style, so if yoy contact us through the page WWW.GLOBALCOACHINGINSTITUTE.ORG you can have a free session in English for 20 minutes to ask more questions to the founders.

If you want to have an appointment in Spanish you can contact Judit Miret, who is our partner of In Movement and she will be one of the trainers during the course, with Vicki Henriks, one of the Global Coaching Institute Founders.

This training is from an Australian school, the renowned GLOBAL COACHING INSTITUTE that will come for the first time to Spain, specifically to Barcelona, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the old continent.

We know that there are countless coaching courses, but we assure you that this is not one more. Basically because it is accredited by the ICF (International Federation of Coaches) which is the most prestigious non-profit organization in the world of coaching. In addition, there will be executives, professional people from the world of human resources, coaches, therapists, so you can do networking, and who knows, future collaborations.

You have several options depending on the courses you do and the hours of practice you can perform. The details you can find on WWW.GLOBALCOACHINGINSTITUTE.ORG

We know it’s an issue you’re interested in. So do we. Every euro invested In MOVEMENT! It is calculated and recalculated, we like figures and numbers and we like to have a budget for our most important areas. Training for members of in Movement!  It is also important, so two of our partners have had to form in these tools to be able to give this course, which has cost their own. But how can we put a price on the total transformation of our life and profession?

One will have to put it, it is true, but when you arrive to the course, and sit un your chair incredulous to know if you have invested well your money, you will only want to do one thing: stay. And when all the fuss is over, we talk.

Prices range between €800 and €3.600 depending on the type of training you select and the typology of discounts that we can apply. And yes, we know that is an interesting figure, but the training in tools that will allow you to help people in your environment and to have a positive influence on their actions, will compensate you.

Additional Information for face-to-face courses:

  • The lunchs are not included in the price.
  • Transfers and accommodation are not included. * If you want advice on what is the best option for accommodation and transfers, you can contact us and we will help you.
  • Course taught in English and Spanish simultaneously when are based in Spain.
  • The documentation is available in english or Spanish languages,

What do you say, you dare #daretogivethestep? We’ll be there by the time the vertigo starts.