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The Diamond Power Index®

Is a leadership audit that measures how the leaders of an organization use their power effectively and ethically. Both personal and structural to achieve results, manage their teams, influence up, down, cross and externally.

Notion of POWER

The concept of power is something abstract that, however, produces visible effects on who suffers its consequences. So much so that, on occasion, hides a situation of dominance that can occur in many areas: in the workplace, in the group of friends, within the family, and so on. Thus, power relations, which suffer and exert all individuals within society, are part of everyday life. Power does not have to be bad, but must be used ethically based on values and human rights.

While power is rarely dealt with directly, its effect is felt everywhere. The way leaders use power has a huge impact on employee productivity, talent retention and the leader’s own career.

Talking about power and being aware of it brings fascinating results

DPI discovers key opportunities and related vulnerabilities in as leaders use or do not use power and offers through a extensive report suggestions for customized improvements and a plan development for each individual.

What uses are you given?

Uses for the Diamond Power Index®:

  • Accelerate leader development
  • Develop high potentials
  • Manage transitions and succeed at the next level of leadership
  • Sound out  of your effectiveness

Why do we have to learn to use power?

From bosses to parents, politicians and protesters, power is in the hands of everyone, everywhere. However, we struggle to use it and understand it. We need a better approach to power. People want to use their power more effectively, to have an impact, work through difference and solve our complex social problems. But when we misuse power, those around us suffer and become disinterested. As a result, we lose your valuable contributions.

Think of it as a “driver’s impulse” for power, designed to help you discover and use power fully, creatively and responsibly.

It will teach you how to develop your authority and find the inner strength of your personal power in a sustainable way.

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The first index that measures the POWER.
In addition, it identifies weaknesses and strengths based on real behaviors, and detects immediate development opportunities.


Frequent questions

The Diamond Power Index® is more than a personality or competency test.

  • It is an in-depth assessment of positive and negative leadership behaviors:
    • Assesses healthy use of personal and positional power,
    • Identifies power misuse and related phenomena, such as incivility or discrimination.
  • The 360° rating tool is complemented by the leader’s self assessment on more stable, coaching-relevant traits relating to:
      • self-awareness
      • self-efficacy
      • resilience
      • desire for self-improvement, and
      • receptiveness to feedback
  • The DPI does not merely predict who might eventually derail—it. Measures the leader’s impact and effectiveness: how others view and respond to the leader’s use of power.
    • Identifies weaknesses and strengths based on actual behaviors, and
    • pinpoints immediate developmental opportunities.
  • The DPI complements and can be used in conjunction with other 360s and personality tests.
  • The DPI identifies and works with behaviors that can change. The self-assessment component, developmental drive, is a one-of-a-kind insight into the leader’s capacity for change and readiness for coaching. It thus helps identify where and how coaching and development can be most effective.

It helps to identify where and how coaching and development can be more effective

The certification is for executive coaches, human resources professionals, organizational consultants, as well as managers and leaders. Anyone who is interested in facilitating leadership performance.

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