To improve results, do something different

Recently, our partner Conxi Perez, wrote a super interesting article about the results we obtain as a consequence of our attitudes and activities.

When we collaborate and advise in companies, it is a topic the problem of looking for different results doing the same. Just like when we want to solve problems with the same ability that we have generated them. We should understand the dimension of our way of doing and resolve the problem from different points of view.

Having said that, the art of doing something different to improve the results is to give confidence to the team, have an open mind and dare to try. Only then will it work.

Our first proposal is to play with the strategy of Design thinking. You may have heard about it, since it is being implemented in the most innovative companies in the market. It is a lens that emphasizes in people.

What is this technique?

Before to start applying it, it requires you to form a multidisciplinary team!.  And now, you can go with the 5 steps:

  1. The first step is EMPATHY.

Contrary to what happens with other techniques such as market research, statistics, etc. Design Thinking focuses mainly on people. In the lived experience  of these people for a specific issue whether problem or situation related to our service / product or business.

  1. The second step is to DEFINE THE PROBLEM.

All right. We already know what people think and we have found the problem.  You have to define it well, and for that, with Design Thinking techniques you can formulate it in a specific and clear way.

Now we must look for solutions.

  1. Search for solutions.

This technique allows that multidisciplinary team act to solve problems, in an innovative and creative way. It is about looking for an opportunity in that problem generated, so that it reverts to us in tangible benefits.

  1. Prototype models

With the solution in the “pocket” now we have to “patent it”. Create it and give it initial form, to make proof of concept. And write the roadmap so that when we come back to face problems of this type, we follow the solution we have already designed thanks to this technique.

  1. Evaluate and test

It means that it is time to see how it appears in “society”. How the solution interacts with people, and the feedback that they can give us is crucial to improve or find another solution.

This technique is not only applicable for new products. It is also valid for services. And your company has internal services.

What do you think? Would you be willing to implement these types of strategies to innovate?