Index 7. Digital Maturity – Innovation


What do we give you with this index?

We will tell you what this index called the Real Capacity of Learning means in more details. Although if you have any doubt or question about it we will be happy to give you a personal answer for your specific case.

As we have indicated in the introductory post  we express each index using the concept “distance”. We indicate from which point of departure it is (ratios from 1 to 5) and we say based on the strategy that we want to implement, the level of the recommended ratio.

Therefore, we always express the results based on “distance maps” and recommendations for their achievement, which would be part of the global roadmap.

This index was created in order to measure what learning capacity is really integrated in the organization. In many cases there are values, there are some procedures, some defined ways of acting, but at the moment of truth, they are not used, or they are not consolidated.

The difference between an organization that truly innovates in all its functions, and the one that does not, has to do with this real capacity to learn.

The difference between an organization that is open to digital transformation and the one that doesn’t, has to do with this capacity to systematically incorporate new skills and learn to put them into practice.


In this index we look at many aspects, because we analyze the whole organization, in all the functions, always up to the level of depth that we agree in each case.

We look at how the strategy is focused on the concept of Innovation and Digital Transformation, the type of management, according to the following aspects:

  • what systems and work dynamics exist,
  • Whether or not the responsibility for learning resides in the organization,
  • how the solutions are designed in terms of work techniques,
  • how the projects are executed,
  • how innovation is promoted, digital transformation from the different areas of the organization,
  • how talent selection and development is done
  • how the error is managed and the trust is lived
  • how to measure

Of all the components, there are some that are the main ones in case you make the decision to approach or advance in a Digital Transformation. On these components, we can already see the possible gap existing in the organization, and propose what measures to adopt to minimize it.


What does this analysis contribute to a company?

Continuity. To be or not in the market in the coming years. It is a reality that without a Digital Transformation companies will not survive in the next 10 years.

As citizens, as users of services, as costumers … our entire environment has changed and will continue to change much more.

Companies that are not aware of it will have a serious continuity problem: will not find clients, because their services will not be adapted and therefore will not meet needs in an optimal way. They will not find suppliers to work with, or them will be very expensive. They will not be able to find and retain talent that wants to work in their organization. It’s about being competitive in every way.


Can I analyze only this part?

Yes, of course.

And you can make the diagnosis of your real learning ability and / or we can put the focus on the Digital Transformation. We can help you do this, or analyze how you are integrating it, in case you are in it, but feel that there are some difficulties. We help you diagnose what needs to be redirected, enhanced, supported or integrated in your digital strategy.

From In Movement, we will always give you a holistic vision both in the analysis and in the proposed actions to walk the path of the improvement.

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have and that you want us to discuss in greater depth