How to make ideas tangible until they become reality?

Landing the ideas for ” to provoke” that what we need happens is not a matter of luck or chance. But it is necessary to follow a meticulous planning, with specific steps for each stage and with people willing to achieve it. There lies the success of making any strategy come true.

The previous post we discussed the part of how to accelerate the implementation of the strategy. We focus especially on 3 very important aspects such as: the attitude of each one, the credibility of the leader’s arguments and a balance between the rhythm to be promoted and patient waiting.  But before accelerating the implementation of the strategy, it is convenient to make ideas tangible, which in our case are based on 3 “main ingredients”

How to make ideas tangible

Methodology. The methodologies help us to “respond” automatically when we must put into practice activities, or take attitude in any situation, as in this case make an idea tangible until it becomes reality.

Know the starting point. It means being aware of where we are, and of course looking where we want to go. It is important to sit down and be honest and real when we work this part. If we do not recognize well where we are, we do not equip ourselves with everything necessary to go the way we want to do.

Collaboration. Without collaboration, no place is reached. It is when we want to stretch a tablecloth on the table, if at each point there is an individual willing to stretch the fabric, we will get a smooth tablecloth. If we only have a couple of individuals, the fringes will remain in the air. That’s why from In Movement! we say that without collaboration, without wanting to work together, we will not be able to do most of the tasks that we need to address.

These 3 main ingredients are basic when it comes to landing ideas, to turn them into reality, to make them sustainable and useful, to implement the business strategy, and to give optimal results.

Do you also want to make your strategy tangible, your ideas and do not stay in that, in ideas? Follow these first steps.

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