Accelerate the implementation of the strategy

Accelerating the implementation of the strategy helps us to anticipate cycles that we know are going to repeat and that are inevitable. The market, the people, the environment, everything is so volatile that it makes the difference when an organization can assimilate the pace of change and do it effectively and when not.

Any strategy of acceleration is that there are very important aspects such as: the attitude of each one, the credibility of the leader’s arguments and a balance between the speed to be promoted and patient waiting.

In In Movement! we are experts in business transformation, creating unique spaces for accelerating change while being respectful with each of the company’s strategic and cultural lines. To create a strategy to accelerate change, our partner Conxi Perez speaks to us in this video about the challenges and some keys to accelerate the implementation of the strategy.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that any acceleration is also change. That’s why it’s interesting to consider 3 basic aspects:

The attitude of each one is key, because it will lead the change and add to our cause. You have to trust, work and do not falter on the arduous path of accelerating change. You have to manage all the negative feelings and feelings, hatred, fear, resentment, to be able to form and work in an organization with a common goal.

The credibility of the story is crucial, since the leader who leads the acceleration of the change must take care of each of the nuances. People no longer accept unfulfilled promises, gallery congratulations. People want sincerity and authenticity.

The balance between the necessary speed and the patience, the wait. It is one of the most important aspects, because the acceleration to any strategy / change causes nervousness, impatience, the right now I want to see results, it will be impossible. We should not rush, or create false hopes, (remember how important are the motivations generated by the leader and how credible they should be) offering people productive spaces, spaces for reflection and spaces for celebration.

According to how we lead, how we work these aspects, we attract and retain one type of talent or another.

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