What do we call transformation?

If the change that is provoked is sustainable over time, then it is really a transformation. If it contributes to the progress of the company, then it is a positive transformation.

If good results are also consolidated, it is a transformation of growth. Congratulations! You have taken into account the main assets of your company: Customers, People, and Suppliers.

The word transformation means “to change form to someone or something”. The transformation applied to the business world, and as we understand it and work from In Movement !, differs from any type of change in three main aspects:

  • the identity of the company is respected
  • the change that is made is a sustainable change in time, and not punctual
  • the change has people in the center

To specify these main aspects, let’s talk before about the types of transformations that exist. We will see that, in the end, the types are the different “surnames” that we can put. What is certain is that in all of them there are a series of key factors, of challenges, to be taken into account, very similar:

Type of Transformation Main motivations Main challenges



·         Customer Experience

·         New business model

·         New products

·         Competitiveness

·         “Do not disappear”

·         Efficiency

·         To be up to date….

  • Evolution of people at the pace required by the transformation tempo
  • Leadership style that supports the transformation
  • Implementation methodology: fast and integrative
  • The customer vision: Client at the center of the business
  • Collaboration: internal, with clients and with suppliers
  • Management of expectations and obtaining results
Cultural transformation •         M&A

•         Strategic Plan for evolution and growth

•         Digital Strategy

•         …

Organizational Transformation •         Reorganization due to business development

•         Evolution of leadership

•         M&A

•         …

Strategic Transformation •         Strategic evolution and growth plan

•         Digital Strategy

•         …

Turning now to the main aspects, our experience corroborates that:

Only from respect for the identity of the company, good evolution results are achieved:

  • The essence of the organization will always be present and is what determines the culture of the company
  • We anchor the strengths so that they are internal levers of growth
  • In an integration, we build from the best of the cultures that are integrated

Only from the will of sustainable change is it truly transformed:

  • The culture is not changed at once, it evolves in small steps, that well made, they consolidate and make up the transformation
  • If the steps are not done properly and accompanied, many resistances are created that increasingly cost more to manage
  • The way to approach the transformation, with collaborative and rapid methodologies, allows the involvement from the beginning of all the perspectives and, accompanied, allows the consolidation

Only from the value of the People:

  • The true path of transformation is crossed with the people who make up the organization, at all levels, and with an appropriate leadership style
  • Have the integrating perspective in the mentality of the organization: Client in the center, Collaboration with Clients-Internal-Providers
  • Ensure the development and evolution of People, to ensure the development and evolution of the business, and therefore, the result of the company and its impact. This is the true mentality of sustainability

It is not easy, but it gives very good results.