Is it possible to lead and be led by others at the same time?

How can we integrate this duality? This is a complex question that more than ever needs to be answered in our professional and personal environment.

Leadership is an ability that you can train. It is true that there are some people that have done a lot of work to develop this, but it is not an inherent quality of ours, as a person, and it can be developed and trained as much as we want to.

When getting to know the leadership world, there are some tips on what we can implement to make this easier for us and more familiar to us.

The main task is to get information about it.

Reading up on it, doing some research and looking for some key opinion leaders on the matter who talk from a scientific and psychological point of view about how leadership could influence people, achieving overwhelming results.

Also, it is interesting to be aware of the news, novelties and studies that offer us new techniques and tools.

The second task, get training on it.

And as a last tip, it is a must to get trained on leadership, being accompanied in the process of discovering ourselves in order to be able to work on our daily conflicts, in our environment, as leaders.

For that reason, at In Movement! we developed the course LEAD AND BEING LED: HOW TO SOLVE THIS DUALITY, in which we work in a “petite comité” with different leaders to help them to bring out their full potential.

We provide you with some pictures of the October-17 edition!

Look out for the  new dates of 2018!

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