GCI the specialized course in coaching was a success

The GCI course, Global Coaching Institute on May 11 that lasted until the 15th was a success. The first two modules were successfully completed (GCI 101, and 102) and we are preparing the last one, GCI 103. We get people who are committed to their development as leaders and coaches to discover and empower the most valuable and effective tools in the field of human relationships.

For 5 days, in the beautiful fishing village of Sitges, we work intensely developing people and ourselves. An international program that was demonstrated by participants from 3 continents: Australia, America and Europe. Course members from countries such as Greece, Turkey, Germany or Australia, decided to choose Barcelona as a destination to train in coaching, leadership and process work. The GCI is a program of the prestigious Australian school, Global Coaching Institute, which has developed a unique and 100% practical method of developing teams and people. It has been implemented for the first time in Spain, thanks to In Movement! that we actively collaborate with them.

The GCI consists of 3 modules:

GCI 101 – The E1ME2RGE3 Model ™ of Coaching, a new, unique model of advanced coaching, depth psychology and systemic thinking.)

GCI 102 – The GCI Coaching Roadmap ™, this dynamic framework will be to understand personal needs and organizational change, will present cutting-edge concepts in human development and systemic thinking.

GCI 103 – GCI 103 Coaching Untapped Potential, the program specially dedicated to coaches.

These 3 models also allow ICF certification as a coach, with the relevant validation. An opportunity for all those who want to discover the potential of coaching, the psychology of process work and human relations.

From September 20 to 23 we will be preparing, together with GCI, the last module, the GCI 103, in Barcelona, exclusively for experienced coaches. Coaching Untapped Potential 103, is designed to build a trust based on his practice as a coach, and to obtain the maximum potential of the client.

Are you coming?

We leave you some snapshots of the training, the wonderful Sitges, the odd job and some great notes that one of our participants, Sergi Barrientos – Visual Facilitator , gave us.