Lecture: How do I move towards the future?

Event: gigaTIC 2017 – “Apart from the future: business, technology, and Robotics”

Organized by: ISACA e itSMF 

Lugar y Fecha: Telefonica Auditorium, Av Diagonal 00 de Barcelona, April 26th , 2017

Ponencia: ¿Cómo me muevo hacia el futuro?

“Through this dynamic session we mobilized the attendees, competing and collaborating in a very simple way, from their armchair. We captured the challenges we face and share the different organizational ways we have to address them. And we saw the role of people in different settings. The dynamic was focused so that all who could participate in the session achieved   the conviction that they can do more to integrate the digital environment in their company. In the world of robotics, social networks, and technology, people FOLLOW being important, much more so, with the ability to integrate diversity and not only within the limits of the company itself. We made our attendees live the experience and have fun, visualizing how they are moving towards that future in the same session.”


Conxi Pérez Andreu

Expert in transformation in the companies– Advanced Project Manager Certified – CIO background

Enric Arola Pérez

Facilitator of Change in  organizations. Leadership & Team Coach

Gaming Company who has enabled the session: GreenHatPeople